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Great value, high quality, low cost sunglasses. Neon color arms with those great black fronts (the WY Series) or the solid color frame sunglasses (the FC Series). Incredible color selection.

cheap neon arm sunglasses -- great for all of the guests :: 8 colors!
elegant solid color frame sunglasses in 18 colors
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All black by the dozen • All white by the dozen
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You asked for cheap black sunglasses and cheap white sunglasses for your wedding! We delivered!

Low cost, party sunglasses

Personalized • Customized • Imprinted → Any way you want it!
blinded by love

All our wayfarer style sunglasses on this page can be customized for your wedding. You can even cusomize the lens printed sunglasses at the top of this page!

For more information on our personalization program for the colorful wayfarers styles, click here

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bollinger champagne
Bollinger has long been considered one of France's premier brands of fine champagne

Noted Wine Expert Finds Bollinger Champagne Overrated

October 2015 - Are there cracks in the Bollinger champagne bottle family? Sprung a leak? Seems the House of Madame Lily Bollinger is going through a rough patch. Sour grapes?

A respected expert in champagne production and taste recently claimed in a wine magazine column that Bollinger was among the five most overrated champagnes. Citing the taste of the champagne caused by an overabundance of oxidation, the columnist detailed the disappointment felt at the downturn in quality of the Bollinger brand.

Did you know the Chef de Cave of Bolinger, which is the House's primary taste creator walked off the job? Mon Dieu!

You can never assume a high end wine doesn't have its own share of high end problems.

Go with your own best taste for your wedding!

File: Bollinger Champagne Overrated

champagne bucket styles

Champagne is a delicate wine and should always be kept chilled. To keep champagne at just the right temperature, there is an endless selection of styles of champagne buckets. Imagine being wealthy enough to own dozens and dozens of champagne buckets!

The choice of a champagne bucket can make a wonderful gift for the right person. With so many styles from which to choose, shopping for a stylish champagne bucket can be a super fun experience! Stainless steel is a typical material for champagne buckets; it keeps the chill, holds ice well, can be shaped beautifully, is lightweight for storage and portage and can be shined up or buffed down for an elegant look.

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